Monday, October 19, 2009

New Prototype

My new prototype is a fishing game constructed on the paper. There are four words (i.e. airplane, cup, rabbit, and fish) in three languages of English, Spanish and Korean written on the shaped paper. Each paper is attached to a magnet so the children will be able to pick the letters with a fishing rod, also attached to a magnet.
My thesis concept stays the same: familiarizing preschoolers with three languages. I clearly decided not to teach them. The academic goal of this game is to introduce vocabulary words, not sentences. My target audience is still four to six years old and depend on their age, I will add one more or less vocabulary words. Thus, I’m adding some level design to the game.
Throughout the observation I made at the preschool two weeks ago, I concluded that the reason I couldn’t successfully test out the game digitally created was because it was not fully functioning so that kids were confused to play the game. Also, four years old kids had a difficult time understanding and possibly controlling the mouse. So, they lost interest in playing it. I really want them to enjoy this new game.
This time I’m making a paper version before actually creating it with Flash Actionscript because I want to plan the game first in reality to catch the downside of the game and create into a digital format. What I found is that it’s difficult to fix a game with the coding environment because you will need to change lots of lines and it gets very confusing.

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