Saturday, November 21, 2009

Interview of a trilingual kid's mom

Preschooler children’s Parents Survey
-Maya is 9 and a half now
- She liked dora before, not anymore
- Slavic, Greek, English
- English became the primary now
- She wasn’t forced to learn. It was a natural way of learning. It contrasts with K-American friends who were taught in English more. Jilly taught writing and reading but didn’t sent Maya to school or anything.
- She understood languages before the way that she reacts but start to really speak when she was three
- She wasn’t confused among those three
- Learning language earlier is better because when you grow up you are conscious about many other things e.g. how people would think of your pronunciation, etc
-Look at what’s popular out there. Clubbing and
- When she travels to Greek, she gets back to the mode pretty quickly
- Suggestion for my project: may be more interaction, give time to respond more, less on reading ability(chat, word recognition system), listening and speaking is more important

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