Sunday, August 23, 2009

Veggiefun Script


Iva1: Hello Everyone! 안녕하세요! 곤니찌와!
Iva2: We are going to create a dragonfly together.
Iva3: These are the ingredients.
4 Pea pods 콩깍지 だいず , 1 pepper
10 toothpicks 이쑤시개 よう-じ (요지)
1 cherry tomato い토마토 っ-こ (잇코) トマト (체리-토마토)
1 potato 감자 いも(이모)

Iva4: First, grasp a potato and stick a toothpick. Then, put a cherry tomato on the top.
Iva5: Let’s make 4 wings with 4 pea pods and 4 toothpicks.
Iva6: Lastly, we are going to put a red pepper as a tail.
Iva 7: Tada, here’s a beautiful dragonfly.
Iva 8: See you next time. 또만나자. あしたまた (아시타마다)

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